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"The only people who change, who are transformed, are people who feel safe, who feel their dignity, and who feel loved. When you feel loved, when you feel safe, and when you know your dignity, you just keep growing! That’s what we do for one another as loving people—offer safe relationships in which we can change. This kind of love is far from sentimental; it has real power. In general, we need a judicious combination of safety and necessary conflict to keep moving forward in life." - Richard Rohr


I specialize in attachment theory, family systems theory, and person-centered therapy. With the guidance of these approaches, your journey in therapy will be just as unique as you are.

What you can expect is a warm, caring, and grounded experience where we collaborate together to move you toward your focused goals.

* Teletherapy and in-person sessions are currently available

Red Roses In Water

Couples Therapy

Conflict is naturally inherent in relationships yet when we experience the same stuck patterns of conflict and distance with the one who we fell in love with, the pattern is painful to endure. Click HERE to learn more.

Rainy Sunrise_edited.png

Premarital Therapy

The new big step into marriage is both exciting and nerve-racking. You want to feel secure in your relationship and have a strong foundation that will endure the future, for better or for worse. Click HERE to learn more.


Parenting Support

 The responsibility of being a parent comes with a predisposed pressure to "get it perfect" that can feels unattainable.  Click HERE to learn more.


Family Therapy

Witnessing your children grow up is painful enough yet when you are disconnected from them because of tension in your relationship, this can be unbearable. Click HERE to learn more.

Snow Capped Mountains

Adolescent Therapy

With depression and anxiety on the rise with teens, finding a safe place to restore a sense of peace and identity has never been more needed. Click HERE to learn more.

Bridge into the Woods

Individual Therapy

In our busy, fast-paced, and demanding world we rarely, if at all, get the opportunity to slow down enough to get to know ourselves in a deeper and truer way. Click HERE to learn more.

Church Candles

Grief and Loss

A loss of any kind leaves a hollow space in your life that feels disorienting. You should not feel this pain alone.  Click HERE to learn more.

Sunset in the Forest

Faith-Based Approach

Do you feel the presence of something deeper, wider, larger, more connected than words can portray? Click HERE to learn more.

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