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During adolescents, teens are just beginning to make identity choices for the first time on their very own.

As teens naturally strive for more independence, they explore a new frontier of forming their own identities by trying out new behaviors and roles. This is GREAT and NORMAL! Yet underneath the surface there are substantial biological changes (puberty) that fuel this explosive transition from childhood toward adulthood. This transition is known to strain relationships and may lead to behaviors that go beyond pushing typical boundaries. Extreme reactions to this shift can lead to anxiety or depression or a number of other mental health issues.

Choosing a safe place that is free from judgements, pressures, and expectations gives teens the opportunity to slow down, think clearer, and focus on the identities that are in service of what is helpful for themselves and the world.

In therapy, we will explore and discover many aspects of the teen's life where the issues arise. Once we have a better understanding of the issues, parents and teens are invited to collaborate with the therapist to create the best form of treatment whether that's individual, family, parent-child, sibling-sibling, parenting support sessions, or a combination of any of these options. Your teen's therapy experience should be as unique as they are!

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