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Men's Group

“It is of dangerous consequence to represent to man how near he is to the level of beasts, without showing him at the same time his greatness. It is likewise dangerous to let him see his greatness without his meanness. It is more dangerous yet to leave him ignorant of either; but very beneficial that he should be made sensible of both.” –Blaise Pascal

Men's Therapy

Being a father.  Being a son. Being a husband. Being a man.

These roles we find ourselves in can be an honor and at its worst a burden.

Many of us have discovered that we didn't have helpful guides growing up to do these roles well and are left with childhood wounds that cause hurt and pain within us which cause hurt and pain to those around us.

When we carry these burdens and wounds by ourselves, it has devastating results. But how devastating can it get?

The CDC states that the suicide rate among males in 2020 was 4 times higher than the rate among females. Males make up 49% of the population but nearly 80% of suicides.

I believe this world is better when your in it. Let's get you to realize your full potential and step into these roles with the honor that is authentically yours.

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