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Family Therapy

"Home is where one starts from"- T.S Eliot

The foundation to any person's mental and emotional well being begins in the experiences one creates with their family.

Family Therapy

Influenced by the theory and science of interpersonal neurobiology, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) supports caregivers to increase their role in their loved one’s recovery from mental health issues.


In treatment, I would explore with caregivers ways to minimize “emotion blocks” that get in the way of providing the support to the child and help the child expressed suppressed thoughts and feelings.  Recent EFFT research has revealed that these emotion blocks, such as fear and self-blame, reduce the essential positive influence caregivers can have with their children. Once these blocks are attended to using EFFT techniques and interventions, the caregiver will experience an increase confidence in themselves to better care for the one's who they love the most.

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